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MLM Leads Are Not Magic

MLM Leads Are Not Magic

Let’s be honest, mlm leads are a tool which can greatly increase the size of your business. Used correctly and professionally mlm leads are an amazing investment for your business.

But as the headline above says; mlm leads are not magic!

97% of Network Marketers fail.

That’s a sad fact but it’s not set in stone and I’ll get back to that in a moment and show you how you can put yourself squarely in the successful 3% who make it big in MLM Home Business.

I’ve owned since 2003 and have served tens of thousands of clients.  Now and then I will receive a complaint from a customer who says something like “Your leads suck”.  Now someone less experienced and professional than me might fly off the handle at such an insult.  When I hear someone say something like this I know exactly what has happened.  So rather than blast them I reach out and try to help.

Here’s what has happened before that person has felt they should hurl an unsubstantiated claim against me, my business and our mlm leads.

They have been recruited into a network marketing business just recently and (understandably) are excited.  They now have an opportunity in network marketing to become free and live their life.  Someone tells them buy the best mlm leads from Don Reid at Apache Leads.

So they come over to the site and buy a package of Premium MLM Leads and begin calling.

Predictably, without any training, any practice or even a proven script they bomb out disastrously.

They then tell me my leads suck.

Whats the lesson here folks?

What’s the difference between the 97% who fail at MLM and the 3% who make all the money?

Lets put it this way; if you boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles  and the pilot came on and said “Howdy folks, this is your pilot. I’ve never flown a plan before but I’m sure it’s all going to be great because I’m super excited!”

How would you feel?

OK, building a network marketing business is not as complicated as driving a bus in the sky but it still requires training, experience, coaching and tools to do the job.

Those who choose to bypass mlm training will always fail. ALWAYS.  Not sometimes but always.

Look upline at your own leaders. Ask them for help and guidance.  Ask them to show you the ropes because mlm leads are not magic and cannot do the work for you.  Yes they make it easier, like a carpenters tools make his work easier.  But you got to know how to use the tools.

I hope this helps you and you make it to the top.  I’d love to hear from you at any time.  Come over to Apache Leads and say hi

Don Reid
Apache Leads CEO/Founder

Home Business Finder Australia

Home Business Finder Australia

Here’s the very best part, it’s a free home business finder service for all Australians over 18.

Home Business Finder Australia is a great place to start. Since 2003 they have matched lots of Australians with legitimate, legal working from home opportunities.

Stop contemplating “one day” getting your own business and breaking loose of the daily grind, do it today.

Nearly 1 million Australians are running their own home business and that is what the Government says. It might be time for you to find a home based business of your own.

If you choose a business you like and want to start then you will be mentored and trained on how to operate and grow your new business.

Home Business Finder Australia has a great track record and are there whenever you need any help or support. Your personal mentor is assigned to you and will teach you everything you need to know.

Complete the short registration form and Home Business Finder Australia will introduce a selection of suitable business opportunities to you. You don’t even may need to leave the comfort of your home. You can assess each of the work at home opportunities in your own spare time. All the information you need to evaluate each business will be presented to you for free and without any obligation.

leads calling service

leads calling service

Click on this link to get started with your free registration at Home Business Finder Australia

Starting your personal home based business is a great way for couples to grow together and to spend more time with each other. A specialty of Home Business Finder for Couples

No obligation, No cost, Free Registration

home business finder

Home Business Finder Australia
Some of the business fields available now:

Health & Nutrition
Financial Management
Consumer Goods & Services
Skincare & Cosmetics
Travel & Vacation Planning
Global Communications

Get Started Today at Home Business Finder Australia

We Call Your Leads



Leads Calling Service – We Call Your Leads

Today we’re talking about the Leads Calling Service from We Call Your Leads.

If you’re wanting to grow a Network Marketing business fast and smart then the leads calling service is definitely a great tool you should consider.

Here’s how it works We Call Your Leads will provide you with fresh Premium MLM Leads and make the initial call to the leads for you.  They will use a script which has been proven to work with tens of thousands of calls.  The callers are professional call center agents who have been fully trained.

There’s also no risk to you as guarantee the number of positive leads they will generate for you.

In addition, at the end of your campaign, they will send you the whole leads list they used and a full report.

How much would you pay for a new recruit into your business each week?  $1,000, $5,000 more?

Well you can relax, the leads calling service provided by is only $49 for the US service and $49 for the Australian lead calling service

leads calling service

leads calling service

A big problem with Network Marketing is the large number of people who quit.  If you’ve been around for awhile then you know the biggest reason is people are afraid to make the calls to leads.

So they see no growth, develop fear of the phone and simply, quit.

This can be prevented by using a professional leads calling service which ensures the new people in your MLM business only have to call genuinely interested pre-called leads.

Big difference to cold calling

This is the way forward you’ve been looking for check out

PS: The service was founded and is owned by world famous Apache MLM Leads so you can be sure it’s a quality service

See you at the top my friend, please spread the love and share this with your friends and associates